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Automated Transaction Matching (ATM) Engine
Import and match bank data with internal data in automated, high-speed processes.

Produce matched and unmatched reports - then export to Excel, csv and other formats
Stay In Balance™ - Reconciliation reports and wizards.
Easily create audit-ready reconciliation reports.
Protect 'closed' reconciled periods.
Automation and Integration:
Software Integration Kit (SIK), a.k.a. Custom Import Menus.
No programming required.
Command Line Interface can be used to interface to 3rd party software and Task Scheduler for unattended operation.
Site Field
Typically used in multi-unit entities when the various locations deposit into one bank account.

Includes the 'Site' field in the import, matching and reporting processes.

For all features available, see the complete feature list.

Pricing - Choose either One-time 'traditional' or subscription

One-time traditional
One-time 'traditional' licensing


SQL Express

SQL Server

SQL Express SQL Express Single and/or multi-user for up to 5 users. Includes Microsoft SQL Express.
Database can be local on a workstation, or remotely on a server.
Bundled with 3 workstation and 5 bank account licenses.
SQL Server SQL Server Multi-user. Scalable and secure.
Requires Microsoft SQL Server. Database can be kept on an existing SQL Server with other applications.
Bundled with 10 workstation and 5 bank account licenses.

Licensing Methods
One-time traditional Subscription
Software location You download the software and run it at your location. Same
License fees One-time fee.
Same fee every month. No setup or cancellation fees.
License term In perpetuity - never ends. Month to month, you can cancel at any time.
Access to software corresponds to license term.
Support Not included. Support is additional. Included in the monthly price.
Payment method Use any payment method in our on-line store. US-based credit card for our recurring billing feature.

Advantages May be less expensive for the long term, especially if you go without support. Excellent for banking clients to help increase participation, especially for SMB clients.
Very popular in 'bridge' and other short-term projects.
Provides everything in one package - phone support, updates, major upgrades and licensing in a fixed budgeted amount.
No up front cash outlay.

100% Guarantee
Since our inception in 1999, we have maintained an ongoing commitment to quality, support and customer satisfaction. If you're unsatisfied with our solutions --for any reason-- within the first 30 days, we will return your full purchase price. No small print. No questions asked. Your unconditional satisfaction is our guarantee.

100% Upgrade Credit
Apply 100% of your license fees to a platform or edition upgrade within 12 months of your system purchase - or as long as you maintain a support contract.


Each platform purchase includes 90 days free maintenance, including free US-based phone support.

Optional extended annual support: All other versions - approximates 18.5% of system price (see on-line store for exact price)

All versions - Immediate Electronic Delivery of software. Licenses at time of payment. There are no shipping or handling charges.

A discount is available when purchasing more than one program (30% off the second title).

Platform license note:
* SQL Express - Maximum of 5 workstations

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